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A few things that make Triad Trailers

Family owned and operated 35+ year’s experience in the sailboat trailer design and construction field

Trailer plans for hundreds of sailboats from all years

Custom crafted from structural steel to exceed the needs of you and your boat

Designed to the hull of your boat providing a specialized tailored fit, not a forced fit

Mig welded connections for superior strength

100% hull accessibility to perform hull work on 98% of our trailers

Custom tailored to the load for exceptional balance and tracking

Lift on/off or ramp launching packages available

Diversified selection of options to choose from- we’ll build it the way that suits you

Highest re-sale value of any trailer in its class

NATM certified

Triad Trailers voluntarily participates in the NATM Compliance Program and has passed a consultation assessing whether we are building quality trailers with manufacturing processes

designed to meet federal regulations and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards covering certification labels, tires & wheels, brakes, lighting, reflectors & conspicuity, under ride protection, Early Warning Reporting, tire place carding information, and cargo securement. Consultation also examines whether our manufacturing process meets industry accepted manufacturing standards and practices covering safety chains, couplers, electrical components, warning labels and consumer information.

A Custom Fit

Unlike powerboat trailers, sailboat trailers must be designed according to the boats specific hull shape, keel configuration (placement, size and type), center of gravity and the draft. Taking these factors into account, we design our trailers to provide a custom fit, not a forced fit. We have designed hundreds of different trailers for various sailboats, either in production today or out of production for quite some time. If we do not have a trailer plan for your sailboat in our files, we will either locate line drawings of the boat's hull or measure an identical sister ship.


Galvanizing is the process of dipping bare steel into a tank filled with molten zinc. During the process, the molten Zinc adheres to the raw steel and creates a rugged rust-resistant finish.

We offer a hot dip galvanized finish on most Triad Trailer models.


The suspension system (axles) is one of the most important structural features of any trailer.

The axles dampen the effects of road shock, determine the carrying capacity of the trailer, and determine the distance the keel will ride from the road surface. Years or experience and thousands of Triad Trailers have led us to believe that both Tie Down Engineering and Dexter Axle produce the most technologically advanced axles. Both conventional spring sprung axles and independent suspension rubber ride torsion axles are incorporated into our trailers. Refer to the Material and Components section of this proposal for the suspension system used on this trailer.

An added advantage of our axles is that we have them equipped with a unique bearing lubrication system which allows the axle to be lubricated without removing the hubs or drums from the axle. This feature consists of axle spindles that have been specially drilled and fitted with a grease zerk in their ends. When grease is pumped into the zerk it is channeled to the inner bearing and then flows back to the outer bearing eventually exiting the grease cap hole. Please visit for additional information on Tie Down Engineering’s Super Lube bearing lubrication system.

Trailer Lighting

Safety is our top priority at Triad Trailers, LLC. We have chosen lights that are rust-resistant, submersible and aesthetically pleasing. All lights installed on Triad Trailers either meet or exceed the D.O.T. requirements for trailer over 80 inches in width on the date that the trailer is manufactured. Wesbar and Optronics are the major supplier for our trailer lighting.

Trailer Components

At Triad Trailers we proudly display our name on every trailer we fabricate so there’s no wonder why we protect our reputation by using the most durable trailer components available.

As you read through this information you may notice that we give the manufactures names of the trailer accessories we incorporate into the trailers designs. We have nothing to hide because we have confidence in our suppliers. Therefore, if at any time you would like additional information on our trailer component manufactures please contact us. We will do our best to supply you with the needed information.

Base Triad Trailer models


If you have access to a travel hoist and have no desire to ramp launch your boat, then our Lift-Off models are for you. Initially designed for the racer, the Lift-Off trailer has become increasingly popular among all types of sailors with different needs. The lift-off trailer is priced just right, making it economical for dry sailing, vacationing, winter storage, and hull work.


There has been and increasing demand for trailers that will launch and retrieve all types of sailboats. We took our Lift-Off concept a little further and came up with our Float-Off trailer. Utilizing an axial extension bar, keel guides and a bow stop with a launching and retrieval winch we have developed the user-friendliest float-off trailer available on the market. Like the rest of our trailers, all of our Float-Off models are custom crafted. The height and placement of keel guides, the height of the winch and the length of the extension bar all are designed around the boats' hull and keel configuration.


Initially introduced for heavy sailboats or sailboats with deep drafts, the Special Float-Off Package is popular with trailer sailors utilizing many different launching ramps. Our Special Float-Off Package can accommodate almost any launching needs. The design consists of keel guides, a bow

stop and ladder with winch, an extension bar that can be up to 24 feet in length and a front airplane-launching wheel that swivels 360 degrees. With this configuration you should be able to submerge almost any reasonably size boat deep enough in the water to easily float the boat off the trailer.

Trailer Materials and components

Trailer frame 5-inch structural C channel side rails, 4-inch structural C

channel cross members, 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch angle iron, schedule 40 pipe, assorted structural tubing sizes Axles Single 5,200-pound capacity axle with a 4 inch drop


Tandem (2) 3,500-pound capacity axles with a 4-inch drop.

All axles are equipped Tie Down Engineering’s SUPER-LUBE bearing lubrication system. All axle beams are hot dip galvanized Brakes (Standard on all trailers) Single 5,200-pound capacity axle: 12 inch x 2 inch electric or GALVX coated free backing hydraulic surge drum brakes.

Tandem 3,500-pound capacity axles: 10 inch x 2-1/4 inch electric or Galvx coated free backing hydraulic surge drum brakes.

Hydraulic surge brake actuator on trailers equipped with hydraulic surge brakes.

Tie Down model 66- 6,600-pound capacity hydraulic surge brake actuator requiring a 2-inch ball.

Coupler for trailers with electric brakes

6,000-pound capacity coupler requiring a 2-inch trailer ball.

Tires Single 5,200 pound capacity axle:

Load Star ST225/75D15 Load Range D tires mounted on 6 hole galvanized wheels.


Tandem 3,500 pound capacity axles:

Load Star ST205/75D15 Load Range C tires mounted on 5 hole

galvanized wheels

Front Jack 2,000 pound capacity front jack with removable swivel caster


Safety Chains Class 4. 7,500 pound capacity per cable. 36" with latch hookblack vinyl coated- cable size: 5/16 - 3/8 X 7 X 19

Lights All trailer lights are fully submersible and meet or exceed DOT requirements. LED lights are optional

Hull support pads 6 screw poppet pads that are adjustable in height will support the hull. The adjustment allows you to perform hull work on the boat while loaded on the trailer.

Keel support Keel support will accommodate size and type of keel and is

covered with marine grade carpet.

Float-Off Package

Additional Equipment

Bow stop and ladder The bow stop will be constructed of structural tubing. Atop the bow stop will be a 2,800-pound capacity launching and retrieval winch. When design permits the bow stop will be fabricated with a ladder allowing you access to the launching and retrieval winch and the bow of the boat.

Extension tongue The Float-Off trailer is equipped with an axial extension tongue that averages 10 feet in length.

Keel guides Carpeted keel guides are standard on 99% of our Float-Off models. Their purpose is to keep the boat centered while you are launching and retrieving.

Braking system on Float-off trailer only. Special Float-off package will not have this feature

The hydraulic braking system will have a hydraulic brake quick disconnect so the extension bar can be extended. Electric brakes are not recommended on float-off trailers used in salt water.

Front roller The hull will also be supported by a roller located forward of the keel under the centerline of the boat. The roller keeps the bow elevated during launching and retrieval which eliminates confliction with the trailer winch.

Special Float-Off Package

equipment changes & additions from Float-Off Package

Extension tongue On Special Float-Off models the extension bar is located off centerline (as opposed to a centerline extendable tongue on a Float-Off package) and can be up to 20 feet in length. The extension tongue is not designed to resist tongue weight rather it is designed to push and pull the weight of the boat and trailer. The extension bar is equipped with a pivot feature that prevents the bar from bending as a result of downward tongue weight forces. Tongue weight forces are supported by the pneumatic front launching wheels.

Pneumatic front launching wheel

A set of pneumatic launching wheels located at the front of the trailer support the tongue weight of the trailer while launching and retrieving. The launching wheels can also be used to manually move the trailer.


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