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Top Reasons to Use a Broker

Thinking of moving up, down or out and thinking of selling or buying? 

Well, the process can be daunting: 
     1.  Which broker will do the best job for me? 
     2.  What is the value of my boat, or what is the value of the boat I am interested in?       
     3.  Where can I get financing? What about the paperwork and title transfers?
Boat brokers can reach out via Internet web sites to display your boat, locally, regionally, nationally or all across the world, actually.
Boat brokers can help you find your boat even if it is not in his/her inventory.
Experienced boat brokers have connections with the industry. 
     1.  Experienced boat brokers have professional relationships with other brokers to share in selling your boat or finding your next boat via multiple listings.
     2.  Experienced brokers have contacts within the marine industry to help find you a local surveyor (who works for you as a buyer and is a disinterested party and not the broker or the seller, unless the seller is requesting a surveyor for their own reasons).
     3.  Experienced brokers have connections with marinas to help find you a place to keep your boat, service departments suited best for your needs or upgrades, bodies of water for the best boating, transporters, lending institutions to obtain financing - all which expedite the process of buying or selling a boat working both with the seller and the buyer to create a seamless and happy transfer.
     4.  Experienced brokers have an understanding of the product they are selling and understand the differences of various vessels and how they fit your needs to quickly eliminate the vessels that don't fit.
     5.  Experienced brokers with service backgrounds can understand the good and bad points about a boat in terms of needed work and help decipher what's serious and not so serious.
     6.  Brokers are the liaison between you the boat owner/seller and the buyer so you don't have to waste your time talking to tire kickers.
     7.  Brokers are the liaison between you the buyer and the owner/seller so as to not waste precious time.
     8.  Brokers market your boat on your behalf via multiple web sites that are available to eligible yacht brokerage companies that put your boat in front of the buying public. Most private sellers only know of a few sites such as Craigs List.
     9.  Boats that are kept in good condition suggest they are owned by a conscientious owner.  An experienced broker can recommend needed work, repairs to assure a fair price and direct you to where the work can be done if you can't do it or have the time to do it.
    10.  A broker can keep things moving along to keep negotiations moving smoothly between parties.
    11.  Brokers will take care of the paperwork including the purchase agreement, bill of sale, title transfer, USCG documentation and the closing. If you are borrowing money, sometimes banks will process USCG documentation.
Hooper's Yachts can help you with all of the above because we are experienced in our field having being in the industry for decades.  As a boat buyer you can rely on us to help you make sound decisions on the boats that interest you, pointing out what might make sense and what won't work for you.  We can help point out the differences in boat design and what is important to you based on where you wish to boat and how you plan on using your boat.  We have experience in inland lake boating, Great Lakes Boating, coastal cruising and ocean boating as well as racing sailboats.  We understand rigging and problem solving as needed to help you with the process.  We have the connections that you will find useful in finding a marina and the ins and outs of various boating locations. Our involvement through the many years we have been in business has created many connections to all aspects of boating needs.  We don't just sell boats, we know how to fix them.  We know about the many parts associated with boats because we have been selling boating products in our marine store for decades.
When you buy a boat, you buy a way of life.  Happy boating everyone.