Torqueedo Electric Outboards

Hooper's Yachts is a Torqueedo dealer and got in the game with the enthusiasm brought about with the new J/70 racing boat that requires a light, clean and no fuss outboard to get from the docking area to the race course. The choice for the J/70 is the 1003 model. 

Of course, Torqueedo has a whole compliment of outboards to handle very light crafts from 1 HP to 15 HP, but they rate a little differently. For example, the Ultralight 403 with a propulsive power of 1 HP is the equivelant of a gas outboard with a 2 HP thrust.  And, the Twin Cruise 4.0 R propulsion HP of 15 has the same equivelant as the thrust of a 20 HP gas outboard. Then there is the Deep Blue models which are for commercial use at higher horsepower ratings.

They come in short and long shafts and there are a number of available parts such as spare batteries, chargers, spare props, remotes and cables.

We will be adding more information very soon here, but if you have any specific questions about the Torqueedo brand, just give us a call at 1-800-377-8795 (651-436-8795) and we can fill you in with prices and details. 

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