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Used Trailers/Cradles

We build new custom cradles out of steel, but often have used cradles available and we can modify them to fit your boat. If you wish to get a quote on a new cradle please contact us. For a list of used cradles or trailers see below. If you are interested in new trailers, we are dealers for Triad, Performance,  and other brands. Please contact us for a quote. If we have any new trailers in stock, we will list them here. We can modify used trailer to fit your hull shape as long as the capacity is adequate.


 Mann Made 4 pad steel cradle - inquire about price

Not sure what it was built for originally, but the base is 5'2" by 10'. The four pads have two-way adjustability with a tube in a tube and a screw pad so it is fairly adaptable without modification.



Lancer 28 Steel Cradle with plywood bunks - inquire about price

The base is 5'8" X 12'5" and is designed to fit a shoal draft boat. The ends can be modified to fit a deeper draft or we can remove the wood and add adjustable pads to the corner.


Hunter 25 Steel Cradle - inquire about price

It was designed to fit the shoal draft Hunter 25. The stern is closest in the picture. The base is 4'10" X 10'.  

We can make the uprights work for a variety of hull forms.




STEEL CRADLE FOR MIRAGE 24 - Inquire about price and details.


 We have other cradles available and will list them soon.




We have a few small trailers for smaller sailboats, but nothing else for larger boats at this time. 

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