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$122,950 Next available hull 2025

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Responding to a growing need amongst sailors for a more comfortable, simpler and easy-to-own daysailer, J/Boats is excited to announce a sleek new 28 footer (the “J/9”) with perhaps the most comfortable cockpit and easiest-to-manage sailplan in this size range. 

“With the J/9, we set out to reimagine how to make sailing easier, more relaxing and more inclusive,” said Jeff Johnstone of J/Boats. “This is a boat you can sail by yourself in just a few minutes, or bring along the whole gang with plenty of room to spare. Escaping to the water and enjoying shared family adventure has never been more important, and the J/9 is the perfect platform.”

The J/9 cockpit has four great corner seats to nestle into and enjoy the day. With friends and family aboard, everyone can find the perfect place to relax. And access aboard has never been easier. A swim platform behind the cockpit allows walk-through boarding, and on those downwind sails home, you can cool off by dragging your feet in the water.

Sailing the J/9 is as easy as hoisting the mainsail and trimming the sheet. Why make it any more complicated? Look around on the water and you’ll notice 80% of the sailboats are sailing with only one sail. The answer is keep it simple!  One tiller, one sheet. The big difference with the J/9 is you will be sailing with one sail more comfortably and quicker than most others with two sails or under motor. Ready for the afterburners? Simply unroll the jib and enjoy effortless, stable & smooth sailing from the comforts of the best J/Boats cockpit ever.  

The daysailing community has not benefited from a dedicated design from J/Boats since the award-winning J/100 (33’), which remains one of the most sought-after J’s created. The NEW J/9 offers the cockpit comfort and sailing features of a larger boat, at a price most will find competitive to the best brokerage offerings.

How is the J/9 Daysailer Created from Idea to Reality?

Posted: 09 Feb 2021 02:00 PM PST

Ever wonder how a boat is created from an idea to reality? Here are some progress photos of the new J/9 daysailer: 

The quick lesson is that once the designer has created the hull and deck lines for the boat, it's sent to our Symmetrix tool maker in Bristol, RI to make the male "plugs". 

Step 1- make the frames and spray coat with what looks like wedding cake white icing (a foam). 

Step 2- the 5-axis CNC milling machine "carves" out the shape of the plug.  

Step 3- coat the mold with an epoxy/ fiber mix (the gray stuff). 

Step 4- the 5-axis milling process carves the mold to within 1mm of the designed shape. 

Step 5- mold is "long-boarded" manually for smoothness. 

Step 6- final thin coating (black) of mold release epoxy is sprayed and hand-sanded and buffed to a brilliant, smooth shine! 

Step 7- apply mold release, then cover the plug in multiple layers of glass to create the female "mold". Add several cross frames and longtitudinal supports (mostly steel tubing). Flip it all over, pull the plug out of the mold! Now, we're ready to make boats!

Sounds easy, right? Not! But, it's much faster and more accurate today than it was back in "the old days" of wooden frames and strip-planking and hand-sanding everything!