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New J/105 Production is Here!

 Since announcing US Watercraft as the new J/105 builder, there’s been a frenzy of behind-the-scenes activity to coordinate the building transition and to bring the J/105 back into active production.  The J/105 molds will be ready to go in less than two weeks and the first boat (#672) will be taking shape in April/May.

In January, we announced a number of model year upgrades going into effect with the new J/105 run.  These started in the fall as a wish list from some long-time J/105 owners who were psyched about staying in the class long-term, and who wanted to “refresh” their older boats.  We then incorporated several other improvements and the result is a well equipped one-design J/105 that should excite the one-design base and still be a compelling family/recreational sell for the other 90% of sailors who live close to where they sail.

 The one-design classes that are thriving in North America have active, enthusiastic owners and well planned event schedules.  By these measures, the J/105 class is stronger than ever.  Thanks to the strict class rules on sail purchases and crew size, the J/105 also represent the best one-design value going.  With the addition of US Watercraft’s successful experience with the J/22, J/24 and Farr 40 classes, we’re very excited about the J/105’s future.

 New One-Design Spar Package

Of the several specification upgrades, the most notable is the switch to the Sparcraft One-Design mast, which will become the new North American standard as of hull #672.  We’ve been working with Hall Spars and the J/105 Class to assimilate the Sparcraft France J/105 rig into strict one-design conformance, while at the same time incorporating some nice upgrades (like anodized finish) to increase durability.  This is on the heels of Hall Spars learning that their principal aluminum extruder (UAW) has left the mast business and that Hall will no longer be able to provide J/105 masts.  Hall does have seven finished masts currently in stock to fill replacement orders, and they will be continuing to support owners/dealers with replacement booms, boomvangs and their full compliment of J/105 rigging and accessories. 

J/105 Specification Change Highlights

  • Sparcraft One-Design anodized spar package
  • Faired keel and rudder
  • Racing mainsheet (fine-tune forward of traveler)
  • Composite tiller
  • LED Running lights
  • 12:1 outhaul
  • Mast mounted Cunningham
  • Automatic Bilge pump standard
  • V-berth cushions optional
  • Factory weight certificate
  • European style galley unit to accommodate optional gimbaled stove




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