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1995    INTERNATIONAL ONE DESIGN 14 ""  $1,700.00 
Hull & Deck : White Hull & Lt Blue Interior  File Number: 3081 
Stripe Color: Red  Located at : Hooper's Yachts  
LOA: 14' 0" LWL: 14' 0" BEAM: 6' 0" DRAFT:
SA: 200² RIG: Fractional Sloop HULL: Day Sailor Ballast:
Displacement: 164 KEEL: Centerboard
The International 14 is a high performance 2-person development racing dinghy with a long history of performance developments that often have been adopted in the design of later boats. Officially her history starts back in 1887 as a gaff-rigged, clinker built racer. It’s the oldest International dinghy class starting in 1928, In 1938 it was one of the earliest trapeze dinghies in 1938 and then in 1984 twin trapeses were adopted to increase the sail carrying power and ease the handling of the large asymmetrical spinnaker.  In 1996 the international version merged with the “Aussie” version (with slightly different rules). Today, with hiking racks, carbon hulls and rigs, a giant flat head main and it’s skiff like hull there is exceptional performance. An up to date racing model bears little resemblance to the boats of even 20 years ago.  This class has always been on the forefront of small boat technology while International status has played a key role in spreading ideas worldwide. This 1995 design is not the latest, but has the same fun factor speed quality the need for speed sailor loves. The 14 is one of the most challenging, exciting, technical and ultimately satisfying boats to sail. As the class saying goes: “The fourteens are forever.  Once you’ve tried one, no other boat will be quite the same.”  
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